With great joy we invite you to the first event of the new committee and to celebrate the Tamil New Year with us at our signature event, “Vaanga Pazaghalam”.

TAWA Inc. have been organising this event since its inception and the popularity of this event has just grown year after year.

This year TAWA Inc. have decided to have the event specially for Kids and for their talents. Anyone from the floor can have fun and show their talents. Live music and more fun activities have been planned.

Also, you don’t have to speak Tamil to come and join the fun. If you like music, dance, drama and South Indian food, you are in for a treat. All are welcome to bring in a dish to share as it is in the Tamilan’s blood veins and culture.

Tickets start from just $10* per single entry. No other event is as grand as ours. We provide a platform for local talents to perform, shine and put together a great show of entertainment.

So, please come and share the joy of celebrating the Tamil New Year with us. Enjoy the lights, sounds and the colours on stage. Performers start from a young age of 5 and you will be amazed at what they do on stage.

There are a variety of performances, which are guaranteed to keep you engaged for the entire duration of the show.

There will be early arrival raffles till 6:45PM for a prompt event start.