Bone Marrow Drive for Northern Suburbs – Sujith

TAWA is supporting another donor drive on Saturday 27th August 2016 from 10am to 4pm at the Mary Mac Killop Church Hall.

Please bring your ID and support Sujith and other non Caucasian around the world who may be facing the same illness.

Sujith Nayar, who was raised in Perth and moved to Brisbane for work, has just finished his sixth and final round of chemotherapy for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. The Murdoch University graduate urgently needs a bone marrow transplant but all he can do is wait and hope. Since he was told there were no matches on the international registry, his relatives have organised events in cities across Australia, India and the US to recruit potential donors.

They are particularly eager to draw Indians to the cause because Mr Nayar is more likely to find a match among people of a similar ethnicity. There are only 176,000 people on the Australian bone marrow donor registry and the overwhelming majority of them are Caucasian. Caucasians actually make up over 80 per cent of the registry worldwide. We need more non Caucasians, particularly in our Indian community supporting this drive.

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TAWA English Quiz Night 2016

A year has passed and the Quiz Night is Back!

The 2016 TAWA English Quiz night will be hosted by none other than Mr Sid Nair.

  • At least 2 people on each table each table must be a TAWA member
  • Cost per table $50
  • First prize is a $25 voucher for each member on the winning table. Maximum 10 gift vouchers
  • BYO food and alcohol (Drink Safe)
  • Coffee, Tea and water will be provided
  • Packed food can be pre-ordered

Saturday, August 6th, 2016
From 7 PM
Mandala Hall, Mandala Crescent, Bateman

For more details, please email: