WAKS Badminton Tournament 2014
The Tamil Association of WA participated in the Western Australia Kannada Sangha annual badminton tournament. The event was held on Sunday 13 April 2014. What a great weekend that was. TAWA becoame champions in the tournament.

We (TAWA) wish to congratulate and appreciate all the players that represented TAWA .  Each one of you played with great commitment and displayed highly endurance performances. At the same time you never showed any sign of sacrificing the mutual respect between players and adherence to the rules of the game. Well done everyone.

Players who represented TAWA for the Tournament –

Abirami, Ram, Gopal, Jagadesh, Jagadesh Vellupillai, Amutha, Yuvarajan, Senthil, Balraj, Prem and Arul.